Stillington & Whitton





Stillington & Whitton Residents Association was formed in March 2003.
Ideas were put forward for projects and activities which they believed could help to re-vitalise life in the community.
An initial survey of Residents showed wide support for a Luncheon Club for older residents and development of Playground facility as part of youth provision
Through the Association valuable contacts have beeen made that help a very rural area connect with the Public Services.
Active representation is now made at Stockton Community Groups and Residents  Ass. also Renaissance Central Area Board, Police Liason and other Groups through which information and issues concerning the major Public Services i.e.Transport, Health, Police, etc. can be accessed and addressed.
Eight years later a lot has happened, the Residents Association has been involved in developing a number of initiatives based on discussions with local people and agencies as well as working very closely with The Parish Council to try and serve the social needs of local residents
Contact - Judith Turner Tel. 01740 630024

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