Stillington & Whitton

Football Field Drainage


Football Changing Facility

Playground for Stillington 

After various consultations with Public Meetings, - Adults, Youths and Wm Cassidi School we had an idea of what equipment the younger residents would like.

The Parish Council recognised the need for a comprehensive Play Area which could not be afforded from Parish Council funds also owned West Street Playing Field Site, therefore were very supportive in allowing the free use of the site for re-development of the recreational area Funding could be applied for by the Residents Association to the Big Funders with reasonable expectations i.e. Big Lottery, Defra, etc.

The bids took 18 months to get together and involved proving that the site was needed and would be used, many Quotes, Letters of support from various service providers, Planning, etc.-we ended up, quite a few hundred hours of work later with 28 multiple page Appendices.
The applications were submitted in Feb. 2005 to Defra for the Playground (£61,548.75) and Upgrade of the Football Pitch (£10,000.00)-Total cost - £71, 548.75 (These Figures include Project Management - £5,000.00 Which Darchem generously offered to cover.)
It took till 1st of July to get a reply from Defra about the Playground and Football Pitch, when they said they would give us 80% of the money needed which was £57,239.00, leaving £9,209.75 still to find. A great effort was made by local residents and applications to other funders to raise the remainder. There were also added costs ie planning ROSPA Checks etc. 
Playground completion - Oct 06  We hit many snags with the Playground and gained quite a bit of experience. The weather caused flooding and then dryed out too hard for regrowth of grass, but at last we now have somewhere for our children to play safely. The entrance pathway is paved for excellent wheelchair and pram access


A valuable addition to the site is the Portacabin

to be used as a changing room for Football. The Royals, our local football team, who we are very proud of, winning both the League and League Cups several years running, have done an excellent job of refurbishing it and painting it to blend in with the enviroment. The Parish Council also arranged for bushes to be planted nearby as part of the landscapimg, This should be a valuable facility for years to come and another example of communities pulling and tying together successfully

Playground Dedication

June IOth 2007

The Annual Roadshow Day started with the Playground Dedication with guest Celebrity and Radio Presenter Allister Brownlee

In true Stillington Tradition Wm. Cassidi School Choir gave a fabulous performance guided by choirmaster Miss Turner, we are very proud of them all.

Thanks to all the members of the Residents Association who made it happen and to local residents for their support. It was a lot for a small community to do
Highly valued is the support received from Stillington & Whitton Parish Council and also guidance and advice given by Stockton Borough Council and Stockton Community Groups and Residents Associat
with special thanks to Audrey Wray (Tees Valley Rural Community Council) for the support and guidance that eventually got us here also o
ur sincerest eternal gratitude to all our Funders

Our children now have a facility that any community would be proud of, w
ithout whom the children would still not have a playground and the opportunity to develop with adventure and safety

The Residents Association would like to also thank the Parish Council who have donated the cost of ensuing insurance and safety checks since


Credits for Funding

Defra 57,239.00
Darchem 5,000.00
Donations- Roadshow 318.40 
Tom Walker 100.00
Jon Gagg 150.00
Darts / Doms League 275.00
Royal BBQ 2005 522.00
Royal Auction 565.00
Royal Swear Box 30.00
Swags Pop Quiz 41.00     
Hutchy's Hadrians Walk 350.00     


Garfield Weston Trust 1,000.00      Far2 Many Disco/Royal 150.00 
Balance Millenium Fund 400.00
Billy's Raffle 161.20
Stockton Comm Gr. & Res. Ass 4,993.75
Rural Youth Trust 500.00
Awards For All 2,560.00
Ropner Trust 500.00
Residents Association 180.84
Total Raised 75,036.19 



Playground Equipment/Installation 57,591.45
 Field Drainage 6,200.00
Portacabin / Base / Path 2,044.74
Legal / Insurance / Plan-Build Regs 1,105.00 Tarmac / Path 2,700.00
Project Management 5,000.00
ROSPA Check 395.00
Total Cost 75,036.19 


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